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6/2013 - Devi Brunch Press Release

5/2013 - Devi's Feature in Bibi Bridal

Mariani's Virtual Gourmet Review of Devi

2008/2007 * Michelin One Star Rating
2006 *** Three Stars from New York Magazine's ?The Platt 101? (Ranked #28)
2005 Time Out New York Eat Out Award for Crispy Fried Okra
2005 New York Magazine's ?Best New Restaurants?
2004 ** ½ Two-and-Half Stars from New York Daily News
2004 ** Two Stars from The New York Times
2004 ** Two Stars from The New York Observer
2004 ** ½ Two-and-Half Stars from Crain's New York Business

Promenade magazine

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Devi and its team have been featured in international, national and local media outlets as well as guidebooks such as ZagatSurvey, Fodor's, Frommer's, Michelin, Shecky's and Cool Restaurants. A selection of press highlights includes:

Devi Restaurant in NYC with Suvir Saran
New York Times
One Pot
March 5, 2008
New York Magazine
Insatiable Critic on the Return of Devi
November 12, 2007
The New York Times
Diner's Journal ?The Return of Devi?
September 18, 2007
La Vanguardia (Spain)
"Restaurants of the World"
[250K JPEG: in Spanish]
January 4, 2008
Hong Kong Tatler
"Bite the Big Apple"
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The Best Cookbooks of 2007: Best Multicultural: American Masala

What the press is saying?
"And where I dined with the companion mentioned at the beginning of this post was Devi, perhaps the city's best Indian restaurant. We had no trouble finding vegetarian dishes that she could eat and that the rest of us wanted to try as well... the Devi I visited after the changeover in ownership remained a significantly appealing place... And the menu is familiar, though more than a dozen new dishes have been added. They come straight from a cookbook by Mr. Saran, American Masala,....I tried and liked several of these, including seafood and crab croquettes with a pickled-green-chile mayonnaise, and masala schnitzel, a quasi-Asian, quasi-Italian spin on pounded, breaded chicken cutlets...On the vegetarian front, the menu had no fewer than seven vegetarian main courses, and that was in addition to more than a half dozen vegetarian options in the categories for appetizers, rice, bread and sides, including the restaurant's beloved Manchurian cauliflower, which tastes like cauliflower in ketchup. That's a good thing."
Frank Bruni, Food Critic, The New York Times Diner's Journal ?Devi works its exotic magic through its take on Indian food, more varied, multidimensional, nimble and surprising?Best of all, Devi has chefs, Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur, who do not feel bound by your expectations for Indian food.?
The New York Times
?If upscale Indian food becomes the latest obsession on our shores, it will be thanks to chefs like Suvir Saran?at his new restaurant Devi, he boldly combines regional flavors from across the subcontinent on one plate.?
Travel + Leisure
?Manhattan chef Suvir Saran, whose new restaurant Devi has enchanted New York food critics, brings an eclectic, pragmatic approach to traditional food for the now generation.?
Newsweek International
?Suvir Saran and his accomplice, Hemant Mathur, are masters of this kind of exotic, unexpected Indian recipe, and their entire impressive repertoire is on display [at Devi]?.
New York Magazine
?Is this the second coming of Indian food? I'll say this: Devi is the best we've got, and 20 years from now we'll remember that Suvir Saran prepared the way.?
Bloomberg Radio
?At Devi, the food is every bit as enticing as the decor. Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur?have produced an Indian cuisine that is modern without sacrificing any of its integrity.?
New York Observer
?Mr. Saran and Mr. Mathur cook refined, scintillating renditions of unpretentious pan-Indian dishes that are both familiar and unfamiliar... Devi upgrades casual Indian food with stylish presentation and keen attention to detail, creating an often dazzling showcase for what this food can be in the right hands.?
The New York Sun
?Pow!?Salty, spicy, savory and sour pull your taste buds in opposite directions?Crispy sweet potatoes seem to dance in the mouth from a shot of lemon. Tamarind provides pucker to chickpea and potato-filled wheat crisps. Smoky, tender tandoori halibut seems friendly enough -- until a tart-spicy slaw drop-kicks you in the face.?
Bloomberg News
?The look is Bollywood; the taste is heaven.?